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Hyperion is an amazing product that does not leave any amber or blue tint.  It builds to a high depth super quick to give a great solid finish, due to its short recoat time. It can also be mixed with all other products in the W&B range.


Adheres to wood, metal, acrylic, glass and more.


Excellent for use on Tumblers, Instruments, Paintings, Crafts & So much more…


Environmentally Safe – Ultra low VOCs


Can be brushed or sprayed


Clean Brushes with warm water.


Quick Drying – Recoat in 2 hours – Dry to the touch in 30 mins to an hour


Curing time of 10 days


Minimum Temperature usage 10 Degrees Celsius – (Please check HYPERION Data Sheet for more information on humidity & temp for best perfomance )


Can be used on children's toys as a protection, as toy safe.


Food Safe when Dry.


Heatproof up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit)


Why Helios II?

- Thicker formula

- Comes clean off your brushes and hands

- Reduction in cost

- Is a complete crafters glue and can be used for foils, glitter, paper, card, etc.

- Dry times same as before, but slightly quicker for the tack-it method

- Still sticky once dry, but reduces contamination of glitters

- It’s NON solvent, eco friendly, water based Crafters Glue that makes high strength, water resistant permanent bonds

- Can be used with a brush and requires cleaning with warm water


Hyperion Starter Kit

  • Want to get started with Hyperion and have everything you need?  Add a pen, tumbler or anything you would like to glitter and you've got it all. The best part is it's epoxy-free!


    Kit Includes:

    250 ml Hyperion

    250 ml Helios

    2 oz Glitter of our choice

    Application Brush


    400 Grit Sandpaper


    HYPERION is a Water based Super Tough, High Solids, Ultra Low VOCs, Scratch resistant Top Coat. HYPERION dries Crystal Clear and leaves a beautiful gloss finish, clear enough to see your own reflection!!!


    HELIOS dries crystal clear to leave your glitter sparkling as it if weren’t even there.  Perfect with foils, tack-it method, adding and sealing glitter, paper, card etc


    2oz MGG GLITTER is high quality polyester glitter.  In this kit it could be fine or chunky.


    APPLICATION BRUSH is great for applying Helios for Glitter or Hyperion to your cup.


    SCRUBBIE is perfect for washing up your hands after Hyperion application or cleaning the inside of your cups.


    400 GRIT SANDPAPER is perfect for getting the smoothest cup for your layers of Hyperion.


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