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Why Helios II?

- Thicker formula

- Comes clean off your brushes and hands

- Reduction in cost

- Is a complete crafters glue and can be used for foils, glitter, paper, card, etc.

- Dry times same as before, but slightly quicker for the tack-it method

- Still sticky once dry, but reduces contamination of glitters

- It’s NON solvent, eco friendly, water based Crafters Glue that makes high strength, water resistant permanent bonds

- Can be used with a brush and requires cleaning with warm water


The Helios Crystal Clear Glitter Glue is an amazing product which can be used on almost any crafts or materials, such as metal, fabric, plastic. brick, paper, card and so much more.


How to Use:

You need only a thin layer of Helios on your cup, make sure there are no streaks when adding the glue, then continue to add the next part of your design.

Helios can also be used to add glitter, fabric, paper and card and can be used to seal all of these after a minimum of 30 mins.

It can be used to seal Alcohol Inks, but the inks must be left to dry for a minimum of 12 hours before using Helios.

Wait 30 min after applying for Helios to dry, it can be recoated or sealed after the 30 mins.

Once you've finished using the glue and want to move onto the next part (which is usually HP or Epoxy) allow Helios to dry for at least an hour, sometimes 2 if you have done many coats of Helios.

HELIOS II Crystal Clear Crafters Glue

  • Helios II Crafters Glue – The most amazing crafters glue available.

    Dries crystal clear to leave your glitter so sparkly.

    Perfect with foils, tack-it method, adding and sealing glitter, paper, cards, metal, fabric, plastic, brick and so much more.

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