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Why a Helios II Spray?

Helios is an amazing glue for all kinds of crafts. Sometimes a glue and a brush just won't work for what you need, and this is where the spray comes in. No need to get your brushes dirty, sprays right from the bottle. No clogging of lids. Comes clean off your hands.

Dry times same as Helios II (see below) but use sparingly as to not soak the product or it will need longer dry times. It a NON solvent, eco friendly, water based Craft Glue that makes sealing super easy with no messy brushes.


How to Use:

Shake Well

Spray a light mist evenly on surface

Wait 30 min after applying for Helios II Spray to dry. It can be recoated or sealed after the 30 mins.

Once you've finished using the glue and want to move onto the next part (which is usually HP or Epoxy) allow Helios to dry for at least an hour, sometimes 2 if you have applied many coats of Helios.


We don't advise using it to add glitter. Helios Spray, although strong, may not be strong enough to hold glitter without using a lot, therefore prolonging the drying time.

Helios II Adhesive SPRAY

  • Helios II Crafters Glue - The most amazing crafters glue available NOW brings you:

    Helios II Adhesive Spray!! - 250ml


    Dries crystal clear to leave your glitter sparkling as it if weren't even there. Perfect for sealing glitter, paper, cards etc.

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