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Hyperion is an amazing product that does not leave any amber or blue tint.  It builds to a high depth super quick to give a great solid finish, due to its short recoat time. It can also be mixed with all other products in the W&B range.


Adheres to wood, metal, acrylic, glass and more.


Excellent for use on Tumblers, Instruments, Paintings, Crafts & So much more…


Environmentally Safe – Ultra low VOCs


Can be brushed or sprayed


Clean Brushes with warm water.


Quick Drying – Recoat in 2 hours – Dry to the touch in 30 mins to an hour


Curing time of 10 days


Minimum Temperature usage 10 Degrees Celsius – (Please check HYPERION Data Sheet for more information on humidity & temp for best perfomance )


Can be used on children's toys as a protection, as toy safe.


Food Safe when Dry.


Heatproof up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit)



  • HYPERION is a Water based Super Tough, High Solids, Ultra Low VOCs, Scratch resistant Top Coat.


    HYPERION dries Crystal Clear and leaves a beautiful gloss finish, clear enough to see your own reflection!!!



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